Important Announcement !

In lieu of our November gala, CHPAA will be hosting a Charity Golf Tournament on October 30, 2021 @ El Dorado Golf Course. We look forward to seeing you! ⛳️🏌🏽‍♂️🏌️‍♀️
Please join us for a day of golf, delicious food and giving! Proceeds will go towards our ongoing medical, dental, surgical missions and student scholarships.
⛳️CLICK on flyer below for forms and payments
⛳️Spaces are limited so please RSVP by October 15, 2021.
⛳️Prices(per person):
$200 (includes golf, shared cart, lunch box and dinner banquet)
$65 (dinner banquet only)
⛳️El Dorado Golf venue can only accommodate 40 golfers and 250 guests for the dinner banquet.
⛳️CHPAA strongly recommends that guests are fully vaccinated and wearing masks.
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***CHPAA is proud to announce that once again we are offering scholarship awards for 2021! Although, Covid19 pandemic has cancelled our plans for Cambodia missions we continue to support our students toward a higher education. Thank you to all our donors for making this possible. 🙏🏽🇺🇸❤️***


***Please email completed application to Chamroeun Heng, MD @ with subject, “CHPAA scholarship”***

***Application materials must be received no later than October 17th, 2021.***

***LINK to PDF File here:

On behalf of CHPAA, we urge everyone to go get vaccinated as soon as possible. The vaccines are safe and effective. Let us do our parts to end this pandemic together!

ក្នុងនាមសមាគមសុខាភិបាលខ្មែរនៅអាមេរិក យើងខ្ញុំសូមធ្វើសំណូមពរ ឱ្យបងប្អូនយើងទាំងអស់ នាំគ្នាទៅចាក់វ៉ាក់សាំងឱ្យបានទាន់ពេលវេលា បើអាចធ្វើបាន។ វ៉ាក់សាំងនេះមានសុវត្ថិភាព និងប្រសិទ្ធភាពល្អ។ សូមបងប្អូនចូលរួមចំណែកទាំងអស់គ្នា ដើម្បីបញ្ចប់ជម្ងឺរាតត្បាតនេះ។

Announcement of the passing of Mrs. Jasenka Stojic:We have learned with sadness of the passing of one of CHPAA volunteers, Mrs. Jasenka Stojic.

Jasenka is one of our most dedicated mission volunteers, who joined our missions with her daughter dentist, Liliana Stojic, DDS to selflessly serve the underprivileged people of Cambodia in three missions. She had special affinity with the young children and older people. Even though she does not speak Khmer and very little English, she speaks the universal language of “Love”, a “Love Without Borders”. Called affectionately “Mama”, she was a role model for her dedication and her huge heart. For that reason, she was voted as the sole recipient of the “CHPAA 2016 Outstanding Volunteer Award” at our 7th Annual Fundraising Gala on November 4, 2016.

Jasenka was born and lived in Croatia all her life. She was a medical student when she first met her dentist husband. They ended up having two beautiful daughters, one of whom is Dr. Stojic. Being a devoted mother, she believes family came first, therefore she ended up dropping from her studies to raise her daughters. Jasenka’s new adventure in the last few years with CHPAA has become the highlight of her life. She never missed a chance to tell her story about her CHPAA missions to anyone who would listen. Even during the last few days of life in the hospital, to quote Liliana, “her attending physician would bring Medical Students to “Mama” so that she could tell them about Cambodia and to inspire them with her volunteer work with CHPAA”.

She returned to her beloved Croatia during the pandemic in July 2020 after spending time visiting her daughter in California. Unfortunately, she contracted Covid-19 during her last hospital stay and she passed away just a few days later, on May 5, 2021.

Once again, CHPAA family is grieving for the loss of one of our most outstanding volunteers to COVID-19. We have lost a global citizen, a humanitarian and a CHPAA family member! On behalf of our CHPAA family, I would like to extend to Liliana and her family our most sincere condolences. May Jasenka Rest in Eternal Peace!

**Announcement of 2022 Mission Trip to Cambodia**
🌟🌟Special Announcements🌟🌟
It is with great excitement that we inform you that CHPAA Board Members have voted to resume our next Medical, dental and surgical mission to Banteay Meanchey province, Cambodia on the following dates.
1) February 9, 2022 to February 21, 2022 (Mission only)
2. February 9, 2022 to February 24, 2022 (Mission + tour)
Specific details about volunteer applications will be posted at a later time. See you soon Cambodia! 🙏🏽🇺🇸❤️🇰🇭
យើងមានសេចក្តីរីករាយក្រៃលែងដែលយើងជម្រាបជូនថាសមាជិកក្រុមប្រឹក្សាភិបាល CHPAA បានបោះឆ្នោតបន្តបេសកកម្មវេជ្ជសាស្រ្តធ្មេញនិងវះកាត់លើកក្រោយរបស់យើងទៅកាន់ខេត្តបន្ទាយមានជ័យប្រទេសកម្ពុជាតាមកាលបរិច្ឆេទដូចខាងក្រោម។
១) ថ្ងៃទី ៩ ខែកុម្ភៈឆ្នាំ ២០២២ ដល់ថ្ងៃទី ២១ ខែកុម្ភៈឆ្នាំ ២០២២ (មានតែបេសកម្ម)
២. ថ្ងៃទី ៩ ខែកុម្ភៈឆ្នាំ ២០២២ ដល់ថ្ងៃទី ២៤ ខែកុម្ភៈឆ្នាំ ២០២២ (បេសកកម្ម + ដំណើរកម្សាន្ត)

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Promoting Health Through Service and Education


Cambodian Health Professionals Association of America (CHPAA) is a nonprofit organization that is exclusively humanitarian, working to promote health and social well-being through ongoing service and education to medically underserved Cambodians living in both the United States and Cambodia.


How can you help?

To maintain on-going success, CHPAA will rely on generous support from our sponsors.  Please consider donating today.

  • $100 Provides complete course of antibiotic therapy for 45 patients, or a month of pain therapy for 60 patients
  • $200 Provides six months of crucial vitamins to 40 children, or nine months of prenatal vitamins to 30 women
  • $300 Provides 500 pairs of eyeglasses or 900 toothbrushes
  • $400 Provides materials for 5 general surgeries or 8 cataract surgeries
  • $500 Provides a dental unit that can perform 180 dental fillings or 300 extractions in a week
  • $1000 Provides two pallets of medications that are not available to the underserved in Cambodia.



— We Strengthen

We strengthen community by promoting healthy lifestyles, regular check-up, and education to local Cambodians and other ethnic groups.  Providing communities and individuals with information about the US healthcare system.

— We Build Networks

We maintain an ongoing network of healthcare professionals in the US.  Maintaining an ongoing network with healthcare professionals in Cambodia.  We nurture and support the development of CHPAA volunteers.  We build community bonding through local cultural events and galas.

— We Mentor

We offer locals junior highs, high schools, and universities  students an opportunity to volunteer and serve their community.  We mentor local Cambodian-American students entering the healthcare professions.  100 percent of our volunteering students have been accepted to graduate school.

— We Conduct Missions

We conduct annual medical, surgical, and dental mission to Cambodia to provide medical care services and education free of charge to the under-served Cambodian population .  We have completed 10 missions and looking forward to our 11th Mission to Banteay Meanchey Province, Cambodia in January 2021.  

—We Provide Scholarship

We provide scholarships to deserving students and volunteers pursuing careers in the healthcare field.

— We Organize Events

We organize local health events & fairs.  We conduct fundraising, cultural events, and galas.


Important Announcement !

Announcement of the passing of Dr. Linath Lim from our President, Dr. Song Tan:
It is with extreme sadness that we learn that Dr. Linath Lim is no longer with us. The CHPAA family has lost one of our members in the fight against this pandemic. Dr. Linath Lim, who was featured in CHPAA Virtual Gala on November 6, 2020 in tribute to the front line health care workers, died of COVID-19 on January 18, 2021. This death is a sobering reminder of the magnitude of this pandemic and that the front line healthcare workers are putting their heath and lives at harm’s way doing their heroic job saving lives.
Dr. Lim’s life is one of courage, resilience and triumph. She was born October 8, 1962 in Cambodia. During her years in Bak Touk High School in Phnom Penh, the Khmer Rouge took over the country, depriving her of her most formative years of education. She was lucky to have survived those horrendous years of the Cambodian Genocide.
She arrived to America in 1982, at the age of 20. After she obtained her GED, she attended Taft College, city of Taft in the San Joaquin Valley, California and transferred to California State University, Fresno. Then, she went on to graduate from Medical College of Pennsylvania in 1993. She completed her residency in Internal Medicine from Loma Linda Medical Center in 1996. She has been working as a hospitalist at the Emergency Department of the Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno, California.
Being one of the first Cambodian American survivors of the Killing Fields to have graduated from US Medical Schools, she has committed herself to giving back in community services. She was among the small group of Cambodian American Health Professionals who attended the first meetings in the early stage of the founding of the Cambodian Heath Professionals Association of America (CHPAA) in 1997. She participated in the inaugural medical and dental mission to Cambodia in January 2011 and again in 2017 to Tbong Khmum and Kampong Cham provinces to provide free medical care to the underserved people of Cambodia. As part of the CHPAA family, she is a steadfast supporter and steward of CHPAA. To those who know her well, she has a huge heart, filled with kindness, compassion and the passion to help others.
Well aware of her significant personal risks in this pandemic and out of her sense of duty, she has no hesitation in carrying out her duty as a physician in caring for COVID patients, especially during the upsurge of COVID cases of late. Having survived the tremendous hardship and starvation in Cambodia, she ironically succumbed to COVID in the line of duty in America. We all owe a debt of gratitude to the sacrifices of all the unsung heroes like Dr. Linath Lim.
On behalf of CHPAA family, I would like to extend my deepest condolences to her family. My her Soul Rest In Eternal Peace!🙏🏽😢❤️🇰🇭🇺🇸
Translation in Khmer by Sanghak Kan:
សេចក្តីប្រកាសពីមរណភាពនៃវេជ្ជបណ្ឌិត លឹម លីណាត
យើងមានសេចក្តីទុក្ខក្រៀមក្រំជាខ្លាំង ក្រោយបានដឹងថា វេជ្ជបណ្ឌិត លឹម លីណាត លែងស្ថិតនៅជាមួយយើងទៀតហើយ។ គ្រួសារនៃសមាគមសុខាភិបាលខ្មែរនៅអាមេរិក (CHPAA) បានបាត់បង់សមាជិកម្នាក់ នៅក្នុងការប្រយុទ្ធប្រឆាំងការរាលដាលជំងឺកូវីដ។ វេជ្ជបណ្ឌិត លឹម លីណាត ដែលមានសកម្មភាពលេចធ្លោក្នុងពិធីជួបជុំតាមអនឡាញនៃCHPAA កាលពី ថ្ងៃទី៦ ខែវិច្ឆិកា ឆ្នាំ២០២០ នៅក្នុងវិភាគទានចំពោះភ្នាក់ងារថែទាំសុខភាពជួរមុខ បានទទួលមរណភាពពី ថ្ងៃទី១៨ ខែមករា ឆ្នាំ២០២១ ដោយសារជំងឺកូវីដ១៩។ មរណភាពនេះរម្លឹកយើងនូវការព្រួយបារម្ភអំពីទំហំនៃការរីករាលដាលជំងឺនេះ ដែលភ្នាក់ងារថែទាំសុខភាពជួរមុខបានប្រថុយសុខភាព និងជីវិតរបស់ពួកគេ ប្រកបដោយសេចក្តីក្លាហាននៅក្នុងការងារជួយសង្រ្គោះជីវិតមនុស្ស។
ខ្សែជីវិតវេជ្ជបណ្ឌិត លឹម ប្រកបដោយភាពមោះមុត រឹងមាំ និងជោគជ័យ។ គាត់កើតនៅ ថ្ងៃទី៨ ខែតុលា ឆ្នាំ១៩៦២ ក្នុងប្រទេសកម្ពុជា។ ក្នុងពេលកំពុងសិក្សានៅសាលាមធ្យមសិក្សាបាក់ទូក កងទ័ពខ្មែរក្រហមបានចូលកាន់កាប់ប្រទេស ដោយបានធ្វើឱ្យគាត់បាត់បង់ការសិក្សាជាផ្លូវការ។ គាត់មានសំណាងដោយបានរស់រានមានជីវិត ពីរបបប្រល័យពូជសាសន៍ដ៏គួរឱ្យស្អប់ខ្ពើមនៅកម្ពុជា។
គាត់បានមកដល់សហរដ្ឋអាមេរិកនៅ ឆ្នាំ១៩៨២ ក្នុងវ័យ ២០ឆ្នាំ។ បន្ទាប់ពីបានប្រឡងយកសញ្ញាបត្រសិក្សាចំណេះទូទៅ (GED) គាត់បានចូលរៀននៅមហាវិទ្យាល័យថាហ្វ នៃទីក្រុងថាហ្វ (Taft College) នៅជ្រលងភ្នំ សានចូគីន (San Joaquin Valley) រដ្ឋកាលីហ្វ័រញ៉ា និងត្រូវបានផ្ទេរមកសកលវិទ្យាល័យ រដ្ឋកាលីហ្វ័រញ៉ា នៅហ្រ្វែស្នូ (California State University, Fresno)។ បន្ទាប់មក គាត់បានបន្តការសិក្សារហូតដល់ចប់ នៅមហាវិទ្យាល័យវេជ្ជសាស្រ្តប៉េនសី្វ៉ានីញ៉ា(Medical College of Pennsylvania) នៅឆ្នាំ១៩៩៣។ គាត់បានបញ្ចប់ការសិក្សាមុខវិជ្ជាវេជ្ជសាស្រ្តព្យាបាលសរីរាង្គក្នុង នៅ មន្ទីរពេទ្យមជ្ឈមណ្ឌលវេជ្ជសាស្រ្តឡូម៉ា លីនដា (Loma Linda Medical Center) ក្នុងឆ្នាំ១៩៩៦។ គាត់បានបន្តធ្វើការនៅផ្នែកសង្រ្គោះបន្ទាន់នៅមន្ទីរពេទ្យមនៃមជ្ឈមណ្ឌលវេជ្ជសាស្រ្តសហគមន៍ថ្នាក់តំបន់(Community Regional Medical Center)នៅហ្រែស្នូ រដ្ឋកាលីហ្វ័រញ៉ា។
ក្នុងនាមខ្មែរអាមេរិកកាំងដំបូងដែលរួចជីវិតពីវាលពិឃាដដែលបានសិក្សាចប់មហាវិទ្យាល័យវេជ្ជសាស្រ្តនានានៅសហរដ្ឋអាមេរិក គាត់បានប្តេជ្ញាផ្តល់សេវាជាការតបស្នងត្រឡប់មកសហគមន៍វិញ។ គាត់ស្ថិតក្នុងចំណោមមនុស្សមួយក្រុមតូចនៃអ្នកជំនាញផ្នែកសុខភាពខ្មែរអាមេរិកាំងដែលបានចូលរួមក្នុងការប្រជុំដំបូងៗនៅដំណាក់កាលដើមដំបូងនៃការបង្កើតសមាគមសុខាភិបាលខ្មែរនៅអាមេរិកក្នុង ឆ្នាំ១៩៩៧។ គាត់បានចូលរួមក្នុងបេសកកម្មចាប់ផ្តើមដំបូងសម្រាប់ការព្យាបាលជំងឺទូទៅ និងព្យាបាលធ្មេញ ទៅកាន់ប្រទេសកម្ពុជាកាលពី ខែមករា ឆ្នាំ២០១១ និងម្តងទៀតនៅឆ្នាំ២០១៧ ក្នុងខេត្តត្បូងឃ្មុំ និងខេត្តកំពង់ចាម ដើម្បីផ្តល់ការថែទាំវេជ្ជសាស្រ្ត មិនគិតកម្រៃដល់ប្រជាជនខ្មែរដែលពុំបានទទួលសេវាសុខាភិបាលគ្រប់គ្រាន់។ ជាសមាជិកគ្រួសារសមាគមសុខាភិបាលខ្មែរនៅអាមេរិក គាត់គឺជាអ្នកគាំទ្រនិងជាអ្នកទទួលខុសត្រូវដ៏ស្មោះត្រង់ម្នាក់។ ចំពោះអ្នកដែលស្គាល់គាត់ច្បាស់ គាត់មានបេះដូងធំធេងពោរពេញទៅដោយទឹកចិត្តសប្បុរស សេចក្តីមេត្តា និងការប្តេជ្ញាជួយយកអាសារអ្នកដទៃ។
ទោះបីដឹងយ៉ាងច្បាស់ពីហានិភ័យដ៏ធំធេងដែលប្រឈមចំពោះខ្លួននៅក្នុងដំណាក់កាលរាតត្បាតជំងឺកូវីដ១៩ ក៏ដោយ ហេតុតែស្មារតីនៃការបំពេញករណីកិច្ចរបស់ខ្លួន គាត់មិនរារែកក្នុងការបំពេញមុខងារជាគ្រូពេទ្យឡើយនៅក្នុងភារៈកិច្ចថែរក្សាសុខភាពអ្នកជំងឺកូវីដ ជាពិសេសក្នុងអំឡុងពេលថ្មីៗនេះដែលមានកំណើនខ្ពស់ករណីកូវីដ១៩។ ទោះបីធ្លាប់បានឆ្លងកាត់ការលំបាកច្រើនឥតគណនា និងភាពអត់ឃ្លានក្នុងប្រទេសកម្ពុជាក៏ដោយ គាត់នៅតែមិនអាចយកឈ្នះជំងឺកូវីដ១៩ បានឡើយ ក្នុងពេលបំពេញការងារនៅអាមេរិក។ យើងទាំងអស់គ្នាសូមសំដែងនូវការដឹងគុណចំពោះការលះបង់ដែលមិនអាចបំភ្លេចបានរបស់វីរបុរសទាំងឡាយដូចជា វេជ្ជបណ្ឌិត លឹម លីណាត។
ក្នុងនាមគ្រួសារសមាគមសុខាភិបាលខ្មែរនៅអាមេរិក (CHPAA) ខ្ញុំសូមចូលរួមរម្លែកទុក្ខដ៏ក្រៀមក្រំនេះចំពោះគ្រួសារគាត់។ សូមវិញ្ញាណក្ខន្ធ វេជ្ជបណ្ឌិត លឹម លីណាត បានជួបតែសុគតិភពកុំបីឃ្លៀងឃ្លាតឡើយ!


SAVE THE DATE!!🎉🎉 CHPAA 1st Virtual Gala WHEN: November 7, 2020 with pre-show @5:30 PM PST! 

Please join us for a fun, interactive and entertaining night! We have amazing singers and artist ready to entertain you and your families. 🎉 Please like and help share. Thank you for your continuous support! 


We will have performances from Jay Chan Muzik, Boty Phen, Doung Virakseth Cambodia, Soup Pha, and Graffiti Gamer (Ritchie Kong).


Our deepest gratitude to our generous 2019 – 2020 supporters

 $5,000 and above 
Thong Family Trust (Dara and Phillip Thong, trustees) Lousiana Famous Fried Chicken (Mr. Michael Eng)
Alex & Cindy Lim Vannarith So, MD
Salan Thong, PharmD  
 $1000 – $4,999 
Eddie and Nancy Lim Cathy & Cliff Moffatt
In Loving Memory of Bruce Chi Truoy & Vinaya Nor
Kestutis Kuraitis, MD Hein Nguyen
Kim Ton Somaly & Jody Rawles
Kosal & Suki PS Affairs
Lenich Lim First Choice Bank
Linda Chang Nicole Lim
Seang Seng, MD Paul & Annette DiCarlo
Seng & Sodalin Lieu Sopheap Tang, DMD
Stanley Black & Decker Golden Donuts and customers
Tony Chi,DMD Song Tan, MD
Yaling Erin Lee & Khoung Phan Anonymous
Daniel Chan, MD  
Robert Yaga, PharmD  
 $500 – $999 
Denon & Susan Dang Oeut Peralta
Frank & Vikki Hu Brian M. Kar
Hak Heng Sheang Jewelers Chea & Christine Lay
Heang Chhun Heng Jewelry Nary Rath Dien
Leang (James V. Horn) Natalie Mao & Family
Leng & Diana Tang Sunni’s Marketing Corp (Sunnarak Thong)
Maklyka Kol Neary Liim
Mao & Sovanna Chhay Hai & Davyda Lim
Min Qin Janet & Jeff Conklin
Newport Seafood Group Inc Adrienne Fang, DDS
Sean Miller Cambodian American Friendship Foundation
Stanley Lim, CPA  A Professional Corporation Cynthia Ly, PharmD
Sunthary Ly Del Castillo Danny & Celestina Chen
 $100 – $499 
Irit Barak Soksovanna Family
Jo Dion Jennifer Leng & Eddie Quach
Karen Nga Anonymoous
Kheng Tea & family AP Designer Jewelry
Lay Siv Lak Berly You
Leslie Khou Carey Cox
Lily & Daraty Daraty and Phonny Nhek
Lynne Porter H’s Sport Shoes
Mark III Properties Mengly Chea
Michael Eng Mouk & Tary Lim
Nick & Connie Pheng Naomi Granvold
Oeut Oeun Peter & Anna Ov
Olivia Ngo Network for Good
Patrick Keo Kenny Taing (NY Life)
Payson Lederman Adelmo Banchetti
Renato Galano Alexander Lieu
Sam and Rose Chrouk Anonymous
Samphoun Sar Arthur Fine, JD
Sara-Vuth Ith Chim Lieng Lang & family
Sary Ith Henry & Helen Ung
Tha Heng Hong Lim
Vannee Mak In Loving Memory of Sou Lang Yeav
Melisa Seaberg-Alvarez, PT Jack Zahniser
Chantha Heang & Family Joe Akers
Denise Doering Justin & Jason Lim
Jenny Cheng Karestine Nga
Kyle and Katelyn Lee Matthew & Maggie Heng
Kim Soy Nguyen Neil Sullivan, MD
Carol Grabowski Syna Ul
Pledgeling Foundation Tevy Smith
Amara Im Yanna Keam
Chan Buy & Jout Tom Chanwantha Men
Channary Seng DeAnn McAllan
 Up to $99 
Keang Meng Sarah Ath
Kesney Say Shabnam Rahimi
Sophie Wherrit Shaun Lee
Amanda & Chang Tang Suely Saro
Ath Tuot & Radina Tuot Suzy & Randy
Celeen Hu Teresa Dougherty
CK’s Donuts Ve & Family
Dinasath Suon Yun Yvnn
Jennifer Wertz, MD Rachel New
Jout Mee Soveacha Bun
Kerry Kol Jerry Long
Kerry Ladd Lak Lay
Lee & Shothonna Ricky & Bopha
Lee Po Vuth
Lucia Navar Beth Butler
Maria Mon Lak Lita
Melvin Gonzalez Robert Douglas
Michael Pollock Sofia Morrison
Paula Finn Jennifer Mauricio
Sal So Jim and Annre Marie Garcia
Sanira Mao & Family Luy Yee
Richard Kong Moy Heang
Amanda Enos Sandy Herrera
Gwendolyn Nable  
Frank & Vikki Hu Lakers tickets
Clint Cearley Charlie Chaplain painting
Linath Lim, MD Candy assortment
                                      Kompong Speu Province 2020 Operating Room Building Project
Clifford & Cathy (Pich Boreth) Moffatt
Chea Lang Huon
Hang Chhay & Huy Ting Ung
Somboon & Pich Borin Manestitaya
Michael Eng
Bo & Robin Sokho Chay
Tony & Kech Heang Taing
Guek Jou Ung
In Loving Memory of Lok Kru Pich Yohn
Cheak Heak
Kenny & Jenny Taing
Tony Chi, DMD
Gracie-Ann Dinkins, MD
Song Tan, MD
Omnicare Home Health
Te Tech Sroun & Leng Bun
Vic & Leang Heak Horn
Visal Nga, DO
Tea Suyheng & Chea Huymheng
Chamroeun Heng, MD
                              Kompong Speu Province 2020 Mission Meals
Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken (Mr. Michael Eng)
                              Kompong Speu Province 2020 Patients Snacks & Water  
Golden Donut Customers
Lee & Sothonna
Hai Lim & Family
Chan Vuy & Jout Tom
Kheng Tea & Family
Jout Mee
Denise D. Doering
Lak Lay
Ve & Family
Luy Yee
Suzy & Randy
Muy Heang
Dinasath Suon
Sanira Mao & Family
Ricky & Bopha
Lily and Daraty
Amanda & Chang Tang
                     Kompong Speu Province 2020 Mission Canopy, Chairs, Tables  
Chea Lang Huon
Chea Heak
  • CHPAA 11th Medical, Surgical, and Dental mission  to Banteay Meanchey Province: from January 13 to 25, 2021 (Mission only)  or from January 13 to 28, 2021  (Mission + Tour) is rescheduled to 2022 dues to Covid-19.