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Cambodian Health Professionals Association of America.

Promoting Health Through Service and Education

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CHPAA Testimonials

Read what people have to say:

" CHPAA dental mention was more than I expected. I thought I would be helping and improving the oral health of the local people. But I also enjoyed teaching the local dental students how to become better dentists. They were unsure of many aspects of dentistry and I was very pleased they wanted and were willing to learn various techniques. This teaching has made me feel that I have made a difference to the future and sweet smiles of the Cambodian people."

Laurene Duke, DDS

"Just a note to say thank you for the wonderful opportunity to serve with you in Svay Rieng this past February with CHPAA. I will always cherish the memory of being able to work with such an amazing group of volunteers. I believe I was able to see very clear signs of sustainable progress and hope for the nation of Cambodia from the persistent and efficacious efforts from organizations like CHPAA."

Daniel Moon, MD & Dai Moon, MD

" The CHPAA mission is an incredible thing to see. The diversity of talented US healthcare providers and volunteers uniting with local physicians and medical students is truly powerful, and the impact upon patients was abundantly vivid. In addition to treating patients today, it was tremendously gratifying to help train the next generation of Cambodia's physicians and surgeons. I look at the enthusiasm in their faces and their dedication to the craft, and I see the promise of a better future for all of Cambodian through the great clinicians they will become. It was my family's privilege to play a small part in their story, and we are grateful to CHPAA for the opportunity to make a meaningful difference. "

Mark Shackleford

" For me, the value of the mission was not only in providing medical services for the Cambodian people, but also in gaining insight into the culture/history of Cambodia as well as my own reactions to a foreign environment. I especially enjoyed the challenge of providing care with limited resources and the welcome relief of providing care without all the bureaucratic paperwork. This was my second CHPAA mission, and I learn something new each time and hope to return again in the future."

Kenten Wang, DO

"I could see their deep anguish and hope in their eyes, and the begging that went on, as the throng pleaded for tickets, to come through the gates...I was overcome with sadness, and knew that all the wonderful volunteers had come to the right place...Also, as coordinator of the prosthetic hands (LN-4) for the amputees, my team of students and I felt immediate gratification to see how we changed a life immediately and forever!"

Teri Tan, PhD

"I was challenged to be creative in providing mental health services in a unique setting and with limited resources, but the medical students were great interpreters and fast learners and really smoothed the process along. I believe there is a level of cultural exchange which occurs in an inconspicuous manner and we all profit from it. This was my second mission with CHPAA, and I always feel my own world is expanded from the experience."

Naomi Granvold, MD

"The mission was humbling, inspiring, and energizing while exhausting. It was a privilege to provide services to such gracious people-and to serve with such a wonderful group of volunteers. Working with the Cambodian medical students was especially meaningful, and I have made some friends for life. I plan to join again in 2016."

Lynne Porter, RN

" I enjoy volunteering with the CHPAA to provide free medical and dental services to the people of Cambodia. The people truly cannot afford medications and often resort to traditional Khmer medicine such as coining and hot suctioning over the body's surface. I alone saw adults and children at a pace of 15-18 patients an hour! It was a great experience for all the volunteers and student that participated. But, most important of all, it was appreciated by those people we were able to touch. I will continue to return yearly as I am addicted to seeing their "smile of gratitude."

Neil Sullivan, MD

" As a Pharmacist, I have served on previous medical MISSION with other organizations, and each one is unique and memorable in its own way. I fell in love with the great people of Cambodia and the country. Despite the fact that I do not speak the Khmer language, a simple smile, hug, and hand shake from the many that we touched was enough to keep the medical team going throughout the day. It was a very humbling experience, one that has left a lasting impression in my heart. "

Cynthia Ly, PharmD

"Whether I reflect on the patient care, the tremendous gratitude expressed by those we have helped, the friendship made, the cohesiveness of a great team, or the wonderful cultural experience, I get an overwhelming sense of joy, The experiences are so rewarding and so life-changing that I would not trade it for anything else."

Daniel Chan, MD

" I am so appreciative and still in disbelief that the professors, doctors, and medical volunteers have traveled so far to Cambodia to share their knowledge of medicine and help the people of Cambodia live an improved and healthier life, I wish and hope that CHPAA will return every year to continue the great work it has done here in Cambodia. "

Reaksmy Roth, Cambodian Student

"The medical mission allowed me the opportunity to grow as a leader and taught me the importance of patience and how to apply problem-solving skills. As an example. even when we ran out of dental supplies, the dental team still ran a very smooth operation and continued to produce quality work with what they had. I am very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to help my own people. "

Pau Ravy, Cambodian Student

Testimonials from Philanthropists:

"It is a pleasure to help CHPAA, because CHPAA helps our people so much. "

Mrs. Choeung, Sokuntheavy & H.E Vann Lau

"I'm honored to be a part of this organization because it allows me to contribute to my beloved country Cambodia, by helping those in need of medical care. "

Mrs. Choeung, Sokuntheavy & H.E Vann Lau

"Life for us seems fuller when we see all, especially the young and the elderly, treated with dignity and respect.Education and health are particularly important, and we are always happy to share what we can. "

Mr. & Mrs. James Lee

"Our energy, time and money are limited precious resources. Our precious resources go to wherever we value the most and how we use these resources shows our wisdom."

Tung Cheung, PA-C

"I am very happy to support CHPAA because Cambodia is where I was born and seeing doctors, nurses, and health professionals volunteering their time, energy, and money inspires me to do the same."

Mr. Kevin Ng

"It is indeed our pleasure to support this great organization, which is comprised of so many generous people from different walks of life bringing hope and healing to our country."

Mr. & Mrs. Phillip T. Thong

"I will never forget my past and I will always strive to make like better for my country and its people. "

H.E Mr. Mong Reththy